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Manuscript writing & publication

Manuscript writing & publication

The process of manuscript writing and publication can be time-consuming and complex, requiring careful planning and attention to detail. However, it is an essential part of the research process, allowing to share of findings with a broader audience and contributing to the scientific community's knowledge base.

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Once the initial draft is completed, the manuscript were reviewed and edited by a team of experts in the field through multiple rounds of revisions to ensure the manuscript is accurate and meets the standards of the intended publication.

Once the manuscript has been reviewed and edited, it was submitted to a suitable journal or conference for publication. JaeTech has a list of preferred journals or conferences based on the topic of the manuscript and the target audience.

The submitted manuscript will undergo a rigorous peer-review process which will be evaluated by experts in the field. The reviewers will provide feedback and suggest revisions to improve the manuscript's quality.

Based on the feedback received from the peer-review process, the manuscript may need to be revised and resubmitted. JaeTech researchers make significant changes to the manuscript or address specific concerns raised by the reviewers.

If the manuscript is accepted, JaeTech work with the publisher to finalize the publication by formatting, proofreading, and finalizing any supplementary materials, such as figures or data tables.