KIPI was used to commence transforming Excel data into DHIS2 Tracker ….

Thinking to implement DHIS2? 

Our team is ready to assist you:

  • DHIS2 Server Setup, Configuration, Customization & Implementation
  • Capacity Building & Training (Basic Level, Tracker and Apps Development)
  • Custom Widgets and Apps Development
  • DHIS2 aggregate module customization to build as a data warehouse
  • DHIS2 tracker customization for tracking individual patient level
  • Cross-sector applicability and interoperability
  • Android App Implementation
  • DHIS2 and WHONET interoperability
  • Disease Surveillance
  • COVID-19 Surveillance
  • External Open Access Dashboard Development
  • Secure, trustworthy hosting for reliable data systems

Our DHIS2 Services

We provide powerful middleware app to connect DHIS2 with any applications.

We assist to configure and customize your data collection platform using ADC

Support to build and configure tracker and event for any kinds of surveillance

We build DHIS2 custom apps and develop external open access dashboard

DHIS2 Widgets: Bulk Users Importer App

This Widget allows you import number of users at once from CSV or Excel files.

JaeTech Global: DHIS2 Users Management Web App
DHIS2 Users Importer App by JaeTech Global

Other widgets


Org unit importer app

Upload your bulk facilities/ organization units from the CSV file.


User activity tracker

This app will help you to see users log, dashboard visiting detail, duration in dashboard, last visited date time etc.


User's dashboard widget

Tracking dashboard spent time


DHIS2 Middleware

Connect Multiple DHIS2, Integrate with HR system


Secure, trustworthy hosting for reliable data systems

JaeTech offers a safe and reliable service for your DHIS2 hosting.

One of the two important services that we provide is disk space or storage.

It measures a server’s capacity for data transfer within a specific time frame in nearby locations

We provide SSL certificates, Automated malware scans, Firewall management

Ensures Backup servers and Backup servers in multiple locations and latest DHIS2 version

SSDs access data faster than traditional hard drives.

A one-click installer is a great tool that helps you install DHIS2 on AWS or DigitalOcean

We provide a few free DHIS2 applications and widgets that may save you time.

Out dedicated team ensures 24/7 supports along with constant monitoring and ongoing update

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