KIPI was used to commence transforming Excel data into DHIS2 Tracker ….


DHIS2 installation, customization, implementation, hosting, maintenance and skill development

We assist researchers with creating proposals, managing projects, and disseminating their results.

Management, transformation, and implementation of any custom or packaged application


This app assists in making evidence-based decisions for the hospital or facility level prescribers for the prescription of antimicrobial medicines for infectious diseases. It promotes to increase the use of WHO AWaRe classification antimicrobial drugs.

Support the implementation of the World Health Organization (WHO) Guidelines on core components of IPC programmes at the acute health care facility level. This analytical tool has the ability to offer an initial assessment of the IPC program and activities within a healthcare facility, as well as ongoing assessments through repeated administration to track advancement through time and promote improvement.

KIPI supports integration of different data sources and software applications into a unified information management system, as well as interoperability based on open standards. KIPI aids to pull and push metadata and data for datasets, events and tracker capture. It also supports Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) API integration.



Research and Innovation

Hypothesis Research & Literature Review

Our researcher creates an excellent review that can be an invaluable tool for practitioners…

Data collection and Analysis

JaeTech offers a full suite of outsourcing data collection services to collect qualitative and quantitative data within a stipulated time frame.

Manuscript writing & publication

JaeTech provides medical, pharmaceutical, technological, and developmental research manuscript writing services

Systematic review & meta analysis

JaeTech has extensive experience with meta-analysis, which is a quantitative, formal, epidemiological study design used.

Disease surveillance & response

JaeTech has developed a number of tools to aid and guide outbreak preparation, investigation, and response to epidemics, pandemics, and other public health threats.

Epidemic investigation & management

JaeTech identifies problems, collects data, and develops and tests hypotheses

DHIS2 Services

We provide powerful middleware app to connect DHIS2 with any applications.

We assist to configure and customize your data collection platform using ADC

Support to build and configure tracker and event for any kinds of surveillance

We build DHIS2 custom apps and develop external open access dashboard

DHIS2 Widgets: Bulk Users Importer App

This Widget allows you import number of users at once from CSV or Excel files.

JaeTech Global: DHIS2 Users Management Web App
DHIS2 Users Importer App by JaeTech Global