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JaeTech Global: Research and Innovation

Growth Strategy

JaeTech Global involves developing initiatives that will help your business grow long term.

Who We Are

JaeTech Global is a research & application development-based company that involves exploring new ideas, technologies, and approaches to solve complex problems, as well as collaborating with various stakeholders to translate research findings into practical solutions that have a positive impact on society. JaeTech inspires its employees, partners, and stakeholders to work together towards a common goal of creating a better future for everyone.

JaeTech Goal-2

Our goal

Our main focus is to develop innovative solutions that address societal, economic, and environmental challenges. We also prioritize undertaking research that broadens knowledge and advances both science and technology. We place a strong emphasis on encouraging partnerships with collaborators, stakeholders, and communities to jointly develop solutions that are efficient and long-lasting. We encourage a culture of innovation, creativity, and ongoing learning because it helps people come up with fresh concepts and answers.

Meet our

JaeTech Global: Prof. Sanya Tahmina Jhora, One Health Specialist

Prof. (Dr.) Sanya Tahmina Jhora

JaeTech Global: Dr Asaduzzaman, One Health Specialist

Dr. Muhammad Asaduzzaman

AMR One Health Specialist
JaeTech Global: Dr. Amany Ayub, AMR, IPC, AMS Specialist

Dr. Amany Ayub

AMR, IPC and AMS Specialist

Md. Kamruzzaman, PhD


Md. Abul Hasnat

Product Manager
JaeTech Global-Hridika Talukdar

Hridika Talukder Barua, PhD

AMR, AMU, AMC Specialist
JaeTech Global: Shanjida Rahman Sultana, Research Coordinator

Shanjida Rahman Sultana

Research Coordinator

Raton Kumar Halder

Senior Software Engineer
JaeTech Global: Fatema Banu, DHIS2 Experts

Ms. Fatema Banu

DHIS2 & WHONET Specialist
JaeTech Global: Sabera Banu, Python Developer

Ms. Sabera Banu

Python Developer
JaeTech Global: Forhad Hossain, Assistant Researcher

Md. Farhad Hossain

Assistant Researcher